Table for the 35 triples with object <> sorted by label

?:Angelika Niebler?:participant of
?:Armin Laschet?:participant of
?:Axel Schäfer?:participant of
?:Barbara Lochbihler?:participant of
?:Bernhard Rapkay?:participant of
?:Cem Özdemir?:participant of
?:Claudia Roth?:participant of
?:Cornelia Ernst?:participant of
?:David McAllister?:participant of
?:Elmar Brok?:participant of
?:Emilia Müller?:participant of
?:Friedrich Merz?:participant of
?:Garrelt Duin?:participant of
?:Gerd Müller?:participant of
?:Gerhard Botz?:participant of
?:Hans-Gert Pöttering?:participant of
?:Heidemarie Wieczorek-Zeul?:participant of
?:Helga Trüpel?:participant of
?:Herbert Reul?:participant of
?:Hermann Winkler?:participant of
?:Ingo Friedrich?:participant of
?:Ingo Schmitt?:participant of
?:Iris Hoffmann?:participant of
?:Kurt Lechner?:participant of
?:Lothar Bisky?:participant of
?:Manfred Weber?:participant of
?:Markus Ferber?:participant of
?:Martin Schulz?:participant of
?:Michael Theurer?:participant of
?:Peter Jahr?:participant of
?:Reimer Böge?:participant of
?:Reinhold Bocklet?:participant of
?:Stanislaw Tillich?:participant of
?:Ulrike Müller?:participant of
?:Werner Langen?:participant of