Table for the 28 triples with object lp_eu:2016-05-25_SessionDay sorted by label

lp_eu:2016-05_Sessiondcterms:Has Part
lp_eu:Action taken on Parliament’s positions and resolutions: see Minutesdcterms:Is Part Of
lp_eu:Agenda for next sitting: see Minutesdcterms:Is Part Of
lp_eu:Announcement by the Presidentdcterms:Is Part Of
lp_eu:Approval of the minutes of the previous sitting: see Minutesdcterms:Is Part Of
lp_eu:Closure of the sittingdcterms:Is Part Of
lp_eu:Composition of Parliament: see Minutesdcterms:Is Part Of
lp_eu:Decision adopted on the Digital Single Market package (continuation of debate)dcterms:Is Part Of
lp_eu:Decision adopted on the Digital Single Market package (debate)dcterms:Is Part Of
lp_eu:Delegated acts (Rule 105(6)): see Minutesdcterms:Is Part Of
lp_eu:Delivering a new deal for energy consumers - Tackling energy poverty as part of the Energy Union (debate)dcterms:Is Part Of
lp_eu:Deployment of cross-border e-identification tools and online services (debate)dcterms:Is Part Of
lp_eu:Documents received: see Minutesdcterms:Is Part Of
lp_eu:Endocrine disruptors: state of play following the Court judgment of 16 December 2015 (debate)dcterms:Is Part Of
lp_eu:Formal sitting - Netherlandsdcterms:Is Part Of
lp_eu:Motion of censure on the Commissiondcterms:Is Part Of
lp_eu:Non-tariff barriers in the Single Market (short presentation)dcterms:Is Part Of
lp_eu:One-minute speeches on matters of political importancedcterms:Is Part Of
lp_eu:Order of businessdcterms:Is Part Of
lp_eu:Poverty: a gender perspective (short presentation)dcterms:Is Part Of
lp_eu:Preparation of the G7 Summit (debate)dcterms:Is Part Of
lp_eu:Questions for oral answer (submission): see Minutesdcterms:Is Part Of
lp_eu:Resumption of the sessiondcterms:Is Part Of
lp_eu:Transatlantic data flows (debate)dcterms:Is Part Of
lp_eu:Transfers of appropriations: see Minutesdcterms:Is Part Of
lp_eu:Tributedcterms:Is Part Of
lp_eu:Verification of credentials: see Minutesdcterms:Is Part Of
lp_eu:Virtual currencies (short presentation)dcterms:Is Part Of