Table for the 26 triples with object "Milano"@en sorted by label

lp:Aldo Arronilpv:place of birth
lp:Armando Cossuttalpv:place of birth
lp:Bettino Craxilpv:place of birth
lp:Carlo Tognolilpv:place of birth
lp:Curzio Malteselpv:place of birth
lp:Eleonora Evilpv:place of birth
lp:Emilio Molinarilpv:place of birth
lp:Ettore Giovanni Andennalpv:place of birth
lp:Fausto Bertinottilpv:place of birth
lp:Francesco Corleonelpv:place of birth
lp:Gabriele Albertinilpv:place of birth
lp:Giorgio La Malfalpv:place of birth
lp:Giovanni Cervettilpv:place of birth
lp:Guido Podestàlpv:place of birth
lp:Licia Ronzullilpv:place of birth
lp:Luciano Pettinarilpv:place of birth
lp:Marco Cappatolpv:place of birth
lp:Marco Vallilpv:place of birth
lp:Maria Teresa Coppo Gavazzilpv:place of birth
lp:Mario Zagarilpv:place of birth
lp:Massimo Corsarolpv:place of birth
lp:Matteo Salvinilpv:place of birth
lp:Renato Massarilpv:place of birth
lp:Silvio Berlusconilpv:place of birth
lp:Stefano Maullulpv:place of birth
lp:Vittorio Agnolettolpv:place of birth