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"Mr President, many people have talked about this being a first for the Parliament because three committees worked on a codecision file for the first time. So congratulations to our three co—rapporteurs. Not only have they delivered, but they have delivered in record time: in just four months. Special thanks also go to Marlene Bonnici, the Ambassador from Malta, who pushed this through, and our staff, who worked very hard. They know who they are and they deserve our special thanks. But we don’t need it to be speedy just for institutional reasons to get it done under a certain Presidency. We need it because we promised this kind of thing in Addis Ababa two years ago. We promised that aid would be one part of the picture for funding development, and that we would also have private sector leverage and more tax revenues going in to help fund. I want to make this link with Addis Ababa to remind people that this is not an instrument to tackle migration except in as much as the instrument is to tackle poverty at its roots, create jobs and bring investment. It is not about managing flows into Europe. Most of the money comes from the European Development Fund, so it is right that the fund should focus on the least developed countries and fragile states. When the plans come forward, I hope we will see the funding in those domains. It is also timely because we have the G20 this weekend, the high-level political forum in a couple of weeks in New York and we’ve got the Africa summit coming up. A lot of people are talking about a Marshall Plan for Africa. I am not very good at maths, but I worked out that Germany got USD 15 billion of aid in today’s money in the late 1940s; about EUR 267 per person. If we do the same thing in Sub-Saharan Africa, that is about USD 66 billion today. So the European Fund for Sustainable Development can be part of the beginning of a new plan for Africa. It is part of the picture. We need to make sure it is spent properly and that it leaves in the aid that we have promised."@en1

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