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"Madam President, the report we are going to adopt tomorrow, which is comprehensive and balanced, calls for the suspension of accession negotiations if the constitutional reform package is implemented unchanged. Suspension would be bad news for those like me in the European Union and Turkey who would like to see Turkey become a Member State in the near future. We would have preferred to talk about freezing the negotiations instead of suspension, but if we want to see the glass half full, this warning also leaves some room for hope, the hope that the Turkish Government changes its course and goes back to where it should never have departed from: the defence of democracy and respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms. It is useless to keep pretending that you can negotiate while there are over 100 journalists and over a dozen Kurdish mayors and some MPs in jail, when there has been a huge collective dismissal of civil servants and when many media have been closed down. But if we cannot have negotiations, let’s at least keep the door open to dialogue."@es2
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