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"Madam President, for the past years the progress report has become a reflection of regress of the rule of law and of democracy. This regress weighs on the people of Turkey as well as on our relationship. Our group, and this Parliament, have been consistent. We supported accession as we believed it would serve the rights and the freedoms of the people in Turkey. We urged the freezing of negotiations last year after the massive response to the failed coup attempt, however despicable that attempt was. Yes, perpetrators should be held to account, but with fair trial and due process. The package of constitutional amendments, if implemented unchanged, would put an end to the accession process and negotiations. Still, we do not want to slam the door in the faces of the population of Turkey and we insist that any form of a future relation between the EU and Turkey cannot be transactional only, focused on trade security, asylum and migration, but will have to be deeply rooted in the rule of law and respect for human rights."@nl1

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