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"Madam President, it is 23.00, and my heart goes out to Mr Juncker in whatever fine-dining establishment he happens to find himself at this precise moment. Instead of seeking to impose European cultural values on other countries, Europe’s nations should concentrate on protecting those values at home. it is good that gender equality, human rights, democracy, freedom of expression and the rule of law are listed as key values under pillar one of the EU strategy. But the sad fact is that these values are under increasing pressure within European countries. A major cause of this, especially in respect of gender equality, is the importing of hundreds of thousands of young men from countries that do not respect those values. Not for the first time the EU’s ambition drastically exceeds its ability to deliver. Let us look to protect the key and precious features of our own culture instead of automatically believing that more diversity must always be welcome, no matter how much strain that diversity is already placing on our countries. The best contribution Europe can make to the world in cultural terms is to carry on being a great example of tolerant, free and peaceful societies, where ideas are respected and where superior values prevail. Far more than a strategy for international cultural relations, we need a strategy for European cultural protection."@en1

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