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"Madam President, culture is a political issue. It is also a political tool, and I am glad the Commission has officially recognised that meaningful cultural relations – supported by the EU, based on diversity, equality and with reciprocal partnerships and locally-based initiatives – can help address stereotypes, extremism and populism, foster intercultural dialogue, peace-making, capacity-building and community development, and promote more harmonious and cohesive societies, both in the EU and in third countries. Cultural institutions and artists from all disciplines have a key role to play, and such a strategy must be founded on people-to-people contacts and civil society involvement. In an increasingly complex and dangerous world characterised by an unprecedented migrant crisis and the rise of violent extremism – which includes the destruction of cultural heritage and the annihilation of minorities’ cultures as well as an increasing polarisation of international relations – deeper understanding and a willingness to work together is what we need."@en1

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