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"Madam President, we are in a unique situation today where we have the support of the people and of governments to do more on the defence and security of the European Union. We need to take advantage of this and make things happen. The latest steps taken by the Commission and the Council in launching the Defence Fund and establishing a command centre in Brussels are good and encouraging, and we need to continue. Let me just remind you that the European Parliament adopted a report on the European Defence Union last November and there are still many things, 20 to be precise, on the list in the report that need to be ticked off in order to reach the goal of a truly functional defence policy. We need better coordination of investments in the areas of security and defence, full use of fiscal and crisis-management capacities, to name but a few. I am glad to see that the EU is moving from ideological discussions about the Union’s defence to real, concrete action."@et1

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