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"Madam President, our Group also welcomes the defence package and its recently adopted measures, which have to negotiate very carefully the fine line between national responsibility and EU common action. As the EU will act as initiator, facilitator and reinforcer of cooperation and collaboration between the Member States, the latter will remain in control. But as we begin this journey together, I would like to warn against the possible temptation in the future of imposing certain measures, particularly if considered in line with some other measures representing EU reform in general. To my mind, the highest probability for that to happen is in relation to the single defence market, a major component of the future European defence union. Although eliminating the current fragmentation and duplication in the European defence industry – a product of historical evolution – is desirable, politically this should be done better through integration rather than through buying-out, even if accompanied by compensation, as some suggest. Moreover, a strict buy-European in defence would be politically justified only in the event that the EU increases its corresponding share in the territorial defence of the Member States. Otherwise, as long as NATO, with the US in the lead, remains the main security provider for the EU NATO Member States, the appeal to buy European, leaving aside the important questions relating to availability, price and location of production, would be likely to remain minimal, particularly in the east. In general, my feeling is that the eastern-flank Member States would favour the development of cooperation between the EU and NATO along the current lines, with each organisation doing what they are best at, rather than, as some suggest, attempting to create and consolidate an EU pillar within NATO. However, let us remember that working to align the strategic cultures of the Member States would alleviate many of these potential barriers."@ro2

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