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"Madam President, for too long consumers buying a fridge or a hoover or a washing machine have been faced with the fact that the goods are just not made to last the way that they used to be, and when they break they are easier to replace with a new product than to repair. If we want to address climate change and be more sustainable as a society, we need to tackle this use-and-dispose culture which runs counter to our commitments to the environment. Today’s vote on product life cycles go some way to highlighting the problem and suggesting solutions such as ambitious design models, creating durable goods, finding easier ways to repair rather than replace, and supporting fair-usage-based sales models. If we can achieve a more sustainable base system for the sale of consumer goods across the EU we can start to realise the circular economy, creating new business models and supporting EU innovation and start-ups whilst protecting our environment. This must surely be a win-win for consumers and the environment."@en1
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