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"Madam President, thank you. Prime Minister Muscat, several times in your remarks this morning you spoke of the small size of Malta. You even praised the President of Estonia’s phrase that Europe is made up of small nations and states that have not yet realised they are small. Those remarks send out a message that being small is something that cannot stand up in the rest of the world. May I remind you that, in the top 40 countries of the world, Singapore, Hong Kong, Israel and Switzerland are countries that are small but have larger GDPs than most of the nations represented in this House? The United Kingdom, my country, has the fifth largest in the world. On your flag is the George Cross, something your nation won for standing up against the aggression of a larger entity. Your remarks are a shame on those people who believe that size does not matter, that only with the bravery, the spirit, the heart and the goodwill of people in staying strong and true to proper values, can they stand forward and move on in the world. You should not think that being small makes you insignificant, as you suggest."@en1

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