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"Mr President, when the Berlin Wall fell I was sitting in my father’s little Fiat 750 in Sarajevo, hoping to be in Berlin and see what freedom looked like. I was already this long, so I had to take the first seat out of the car in order to fit in that little car. But it didn’t help. The car was produced in a socialist fabric in the former Yugoslavia, so we didn’t make it. Freedom was not yet for us. For us, freedom will come later, after years of blood, tears and tragic war. The other Europeans experienced, in the same time, the spread of liberal and democratic values. I am deeply convinced that one of the reasons for that is the wise statesmen who could deal with such tremendous challenges. One of them was Helmut Kohl. He believed in building a new Europe – united, enlarged and free. This is exactly how we should bid farewell to him – by finishing that project. Believing in the power of this legacy, believing that Europe one day will be enlarged, united and peaceful and that even my two friends who were on that unsuccessful trip with me will one day join us."@sv2

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