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"Mr President, I would like to thank the colleagues who worked on this report. The EU must adopt a strong approach on this issue, especially at a time of deteriorating human-rights conditions and increasing conflicts around the world. Of the many pressing issues covered in this report, I would like to highlight the role of women and girls in conflict. Women must play a leading role in conflict prevention and reconciliation and we must never forget the role of victims and survivors in peace building. Their testimonies are hugely important. I meet and work with women survivors of sexual violence in the Western Balkans, especially in Kosovo – women who have suffered abuse through the conflict there and who, years later, are still waiting for recognition, support and justice. Kosovo’s leaders must live up to their commitments and finally provide that support on the ground. As with so many women around the world who have survived war crimes and seen their rights and their bodies violated, these women’s voices must be heard for true peace and justice."@en1

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