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"I endorse this report calling on the European Commission to support the implementation of the minimum resistance criteria in order to secure robustness, repairability and upgradability for all product categories. The initiative follows the results of the survey conducted by Eurobarometer in June 2014. The findings of this survey revealed that 77% of EU citizens prefer to repair they goods instead of buying new ones. Longer lifetime of products is naturally followed by an improvement in functionality of complementary devices and tools, such as batteries or accumulators, that should fully operate for the whole period of usage of the product. Furthermore, the spare parts shall be easily accessible in the market and a clear system of labelling, informing about the durability of the product, should be provided. Apart from the above-mentioned, more durable products will enhance the employment in the sectors of repairs, maintenance and rental services and create opportunities for entrepreneurs and SMEs. Moreover, it will provide further security to low-income households, where every investment into new device or machine represents a significant burden for a family budget."@pl2

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