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"Mr President, I would like to thank everyone for their contributions to this debate and in particular to the shadows and to the European Commission. Standards are there to guarantee that products are fit for purpose, work smoothly and reliably together, providing high quality and safety safeguards for our citizens. They are important for consumers and companies, for the interoperability of products and for providing economies of scale by keeping markets open and avoiding lock-in with given providers or products. Therefore, I hope that this report will not be condemned to paper and never see the light of day. I also hope that the Commission, the European standardisation organisations and Member States will implement and enforce its recommendations. So, in particular, I would like to reiterate: it is important to enhance the synergies and coordination between all stakeholders; develop inclusive, sustainable, safe and high-quality standards with fair access and treatment of all stakeholders; improve the accessibility and transparency of the standardisation process; remove the de facto obstacles to an effective involvement of Annex III organisations; create an easy-to-use single point of access to standards; monitor international ICT standardisations and promote the European regulatory model and interests at international level; clarify the core elements of an equitable, effective and enforceable licensing methodology based on FRAND; and prepare a European register listing existing European standards and ongoing standardisation work to avoid duplication of work. And finally, to raise awareness and knowledge about standards, introduce professional standardisation courses, and develop standardisation guidelines for policymakers. Last, but not least, I welcome the Commission’s decision to involve the European Parliament as a signatory to the joint initiative for standardisation."@mt2

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