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"Mr President, first of all I would like to say that I appreciate the work of the rapporteur, especially her sound focus on the transport sector. The question of standardisation is, in fact, absolutely key if we want to achieve a modern, interoperable, single European transport area. The problem is that one of the failures of the internal market is that we have not managed to confront the fragmentation of that market, with different national standards, so our companies, whether in the logistics or freight sectors, often have to cope with different national documents each time they cross a border. At a time when the transport sector is cutting down emissions and becoming much more digitalised and intermodal, at a time when the Commission has put forward the mobility package, we definitely need an interoperable, free-flow-of-data sector which will provide for the uptake of new technologies, like, for example, electric vehicles. We see too that standards now encompass the ICT standards, and this is an absolutely key area, and one in which we would like to encourage our citizens, too, to go intermodal – to use something that is called integrated ticketing. One final remark: I would expect the Commission to see this as an external plea to provide, in its proposals, for intermodal interaction based on free flow of data and everything that comes with it."@cs1

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