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"The Commission has proposed providing MFA to Moldova of up to EUR 100 million. The implementation of the MFA would go hand-in hand with the budgetary support operations financed by the European Neighbourhood Instrument that have been frozen since early 2015. Moldova has faced a difficult period over the last two years both economically and politically. While EPP supported the Commission proposal to a large extent, it introduced a stronger conditionality for granting macro-financial assistance to contribute to a greater political and macroeconomic stability of the country. These conditions include the strengthening of economic and financial governance, including a thorough, result-oriented investigation into bank fraud, good energy governance, an accountable, transparent and merit-based civil service, the freedom, independence and pluralism of the media, sustainable development and poverty reduction and the political independence of the judiciary. A pre-condition for granting the MFA and for the disbursement of each of the three instalments should be that Moldova respects effective democratic mechanisms – including a multi-party parliamentary system – and the rule of law, and guarantees respect for human rights."@lv2

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