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"Mr President, if the Republic of Moldova is on the agenda of our plenary session today it is because that country is, and remains, at the top of the Union’s agenda. And, let me be absolutely clear on this, Moldova on its European path has the full support and commitment of four political Groups across this Parliament. Macro-financial assistance is one of many tools at our disposal for accompanying and supporting the Republic of Moldova on its process of political association and economic integration with the European Union and, although some areas require additional efforts, overall there has been substantial progress since the start of the current Executive’s term of office. This week, after very thorough, comprehensive and attentive negotiations with the Council and the Commission based on a clear mandate, the House will vote on this macro-financial assistance. This support will not only be a sign of recognition of the renewed commitment by the Executive, it will also constitute an additional lever of motivation and pressure for the implementation of the much-needed reform agenda, in line with the Association Agreement, the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement and all the views colleagues in the House have expressed today. But first and foremost, EU macro-financial assistance will acknowledge the European aspirations and ambitions of the Moldovan people, and will also convey a strong signal of support and encouragement at this important and difficult time. I would like to underline the fact that the EU will be applying rigorous, clear and strict conditionality criteria, in line with Parliament’s position, and that this conditionality will be attached to the disbursement of each tranche, including the first one. As I have emphasised before, this Parliament has been most effective and successful when it has acted with full consensus in its approach vis-à-vis the Republic of Moldova. I would like to conclude by thanking the rapporteur, as well as and especially Mr Auštrevičius, Ms Harms and Ms Fotyga, for supporting Moldova at this crucial time."@ro2

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