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"Mr President, Moldova’s future depends on much more than yet another financial tranche. Plans to change the election system are received with such great caution in both Brussels and Strasbourg, and rightly so. Even more importantly, in Moldova the opposition parties and civil society at large are alarmed and protesting. Everyone is asking for a fair European debate and a consensus—based decision and we do not see this happening. Instead we read today about yet another political party leaving the consultations on election law. I wish to draw the attention of this House to the joint statement of all EU institutions that the Commissioner has just mentioned, which is an integral part of the decision and which makes very clear reference to the Venice Commission recommendations. It is crucial to ensure that these recommendations are fully respected. We must also make sure that we are sending the right message to the Moldovan people, as there is a high risk of manipulation and political misinterpretation. Moldova does indeed have certain privileges, but it has very serious duties. I do hope that everyone in Moldova understands this and I wish for great cooperation with Moldova when it comes to all the issues in front of us."@lt2
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