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"Mr President, the European Union is negotiating a new economic partnership agreement with Indonesia, a country that has so far benefited from an ever—closer relationship in various fields, especially the economic and commercial ones. Over the last decade, the Indonesian economy has more than tripled, and this is largely due to the European Union’s contribution, which is the preferred destination of Indonesian exports, as well as one of the largest investors. In addition to that, Indonesia benefits from the Generalised Scheme of Preferences (GSPs). In this context, there is a wave of growing intolerance towards ethnic, religious and sexual minorities and, in general, we have not seen the protection of human rights and the respect of international obligations. Therefore, as long as this situation persists, I strongly believe that we cannot make a new agreement. There cannot be future arrangements as long as the Indonesian Government resorts to the death penalty and fundamental freedoms of citizens are injured. An agreement will be possible only if we see concrete action and real change in government legislation."@it2

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