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"Every child in Europe deserves to live free from poverty. Nevertheless, one in four children in the EU is at risk of poverty or social exclusion. As a member of the Socialists and Democrats Group in the EP, I strongly support creating a European Child Guarantee that protects every child in the EU. Fighting the root causes of child poverty should become a top priority for the European institutions. In the EU, only five EU Member States, including Romania, have seen a slight reduction in the number of children at risk of poverty and social exclusion. I am proud to see my country on the right track, but a lot needs to be done still. The only way to ensure stable societies and prosperous economies is by investing in education and reducing inequality. If we do not act as soon as possible so that every child can have access to free healthcare, free education, free childcare, decent housing and adequate nutrition - we run the risk of losing a whole generation of children in Europe."@ro2

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