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"Mr President, Brexit was a wake-up call. The EU must reform to survive. We need a social EU based on democracy, human rights and national progressive sovereignty; but I have concerns that the powers that be are not listening. Instead we hear much talk of a multi-speed Europe, deeper integration, austerity and an EU army, and I believe that is a mistake. The last thing we need, I believe, is more integration with EU funds skewed towards military research. People do want more participation, more solidarity and more democracy, not guns and corporate bail-outs. The north of Ireland voted against Brexit, but our democratic vote has been ignored despite an international agreement, a Good Friday agreement that is lodged at the United Nations and which must be protected in all of its parts. Sinn Féin believe that Ireland, north and south, belongs in Europe, but we want a Europe of equals, a Europe that will cherish all the children of the nation equally, and where no one will be ignored. You could do yourself a great service, if many people here have not already done so, by reading and perhaps adopting the Irish Proclamation."@en1

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