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"Mr President, I congratulate Ulrike Lunacek for an extensive and good report on Kosovo. Snap elections have just taken place and we received the reports from the observation mission, and it seems that elections went smoothly. Now I expect the government to be formed as soon as possible. Every day without government means a day lost in facing various challenges: strengthening democracy, rule of law and the institutions and especially creating better living conditions for all citizens of Kosovo, youngsters in the first place. As a rapporteur for a visa—free regime for Kosovo, I wish Kosovar politicians would reach an agreement. The deal on the demarcation agreement with Montenegro and improved track record in fighting organised crime and high-level corruption are in the hands of future politicians in Kosovo, the leaders and the government. And the ball is thus clearly in Kosovo’s court. I will continue to support Kosovo towards the EU and a visa-free regime, but at the same time I would really like to see some more responsibility from Kosovo’s authorities. What we heard about the recognition of Kosovo and the dialogue with Serbia, these are a very crucial questions for a well-functioning state. We certainly want to see Kosovo committed to the European part as a good neighbour and healthy democracy, free of corruption and organised crime, and a place where young people see their future."@sl2
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