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"Madam President, freedom of expression and public discourse has always been, and always will be, the enemy of the status quo of the state – whatever that state may be. We see attempts in repressive regimes to clamp down upon that, but even in free western civilised nations we now start to see efforts by the state to clamp down on freedom. And whilst in the past that freedom of discourse might have been in the pub or in a public area, now, of course, it moves to the internet. The very concept of social media being clamped down on by the state – often using fear as the excuse – is completely against all concept of freedom, and I address this as well to the British Government, who have spoken very much about trying to clamp down on these things, using fear of terror as a reason. The one thing I will say, though, is that the idea of guidelines imposed from the European state upon freedom of expression on social media is in itself something of a contradiction. Free the airwaves, free social media, let’s all speak as we wish."@en1

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