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"Madam President, I heard earlier that, apparently, the symbol had become a symbol of prosperity. You can try and dream that up and say it is true, but it is not true. It is a symbol of incompetence; it is a symbol of bad planning. In fairness, you have admitted that there was bad planning, that you did not have the right architecture in place, and it was not very well organised. Imagine you went out in the morning and bought a car, but when you went out to drive it you discovered when the dark came that there were no lights, and when you tried to put your foot on the brakes, it would not stop and crashed into the ditch. You have admitted that you caused the problem, but when that happens – when you go for something, when you promise something – if it goes wrong, you get compensation for what happened. In Ireland, we got hit the tune of EUR 60 billion because you had no brakes or no lights on this vehicle. We are currently picking the glass out of our face. EUR 6 billion in the last two years we have borrowed and burned. Symbol of prosperity? Cop on, get real!"@en1

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