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"Madam President, in typical Commission fashion, a European unemployment insurance scheme is dangled like a carrot to gain public support, while the trade-off is the harmonisation of labour relations and anti-worker reforms. As for the proposed investment scheme, it is contradictory nonsense to create a scheme to protect investment during downturns while insisting on keeping the Fiscal Compact strait-jacket in place. These measures will not solve the eurozone structural problems, and they demand a trade-off in rights, democracy and popular sovereignty. I do not oppose transfers to correct imbalances but I will oppose them if they are conditional. Social rights cannot be dependent on economic performance or a state’s adherence to fiscal rules. Rights are rights. We will not fall for the trap of surrendering more ground on democratic rights in exchange for crumbs off the table. What we ultimately need is a real public investment plan to stimulate growth. We need effective sanctions against current-account surpluses, investment to be excluded from the fiscal rules, and rejection of the Fiscal Compact being enshrined in the Treaties at the end of this year."@en1

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