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"Mr President, I supported this report because we need people to understand how Europe works for them, unlike the comments of Mr Hannan. We have already had a very interesting presentation of the Erasmus Programme, which has been in existence for 30 years. Many students who are on Erasmus now do not realise that it is a European Union programme. So I say well done to the rapporteurs on this report. It is time that Europe started speaking out about its successes. We are damned by those who will point to our problems, but there are enough successes to far outweigh the difficulties that Europe faces. I welcome this report and I think it is the start of a fight-back for the European Union. I am proud that the flag of Europe is on projects. I am also proud when there is an Irish flag on those same projects and I see no conflict. I see a strength in that, not a problem."@en1

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