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"Madam President, whilst it was recently reported that the rise in anti-Semitism in the UK was one of the highest in the world, much of it is due to increased anti-Semitic abuse online, particularly via social media. Now that is unacceptable, but I am just trying to make a point in terms of where that is coming from. Challenging anti-Semitism in the United Kingdom is always going to be a problem while we have one mainstream political party seen by the media, seen in terms of public opinion – and I am referring to the Labour Party – failing consistently to deal with the problem within its own ranks, very often trying to disguise its deep-rooted prejudices as anti-Zionist or anti-Israeli. The party in my opinion – and this is my view, I can only go with what I hear and see – has seemingly time and time again refused to tackle the issue within its own senior ranks, just inflicting simple reprimands but actually not dealing with the issue. If anti-Semitism is going to be dealt with, and the UK is a good example, then political parties need to take responsibility."@en1

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