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"I am not especially concerned about the press freedom in Czech Republic, it ranks 23rd on Reporter without Borders list of media freedom, higher than US, UK and France for example. However, the concern about oligarchisation of media is a problem to be followed closely. Therefore, while internal situation in member states is mainly covered by the subsidiarity principle, debates about such topics should be justified by real urgencies and should not become regular part of the EP business. On the other hand, one has to be concerned about the plummeting quality of the European mainstream media and its trend of concentration. If the main incentive is to catch attention by thrilling, emotional and superficial news, the reliability of media as provider of substantive, controlled and reliable information is vanishing fast. Such a trend distorts news, makes media channels and outlets dependent on scandals as their first priority, negative emotions and rumours. In the long run, it distorts sound understanding of the world and exposed media consumers to serious risks by political manipulators. The Brexit campaign in the UK is an ominous example of politically catastrophic results of deliberate spreading of false information by the mainstream media."@et1

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