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"Madam President, I want to join Bogdan Wenta in thanking Norbert Neuser, who cannot be here today, for the work he has done with colleagues to get the text and focus on why we need a new Consensus on Development. We need one because we have to find a way for the EU to implement the sustainable development goals. We need one because we need a recommitment by the Member States today to tackle global poverty, and I think we need one most of all, today of all days, because we are hearing that Donald Trump will pull out of the Paris Agreement on climate change. That is a blow to sustainable development goals, a blow to what we want in Europe. So, today of all days, we should give a signal that Europe is prepared to step up and give the leadership we need, and that it will meet its global commitments to our collective future on this planet. The important things for me and for my Group in this Consensus are that we recommit; that poverty eradication is the primary goal of European development policy; that we make the commitment again to reach our target of 0.7% aid; and, for the first time in the Consensus, that 0.2% of our collective GDP will focus on the poorest countries. We are hearing that Africa is losing out on aid. We have to recommit. I know there are colleagues here, and colleagues I respect a lot, who are concerned about the emphasis placed by some governments on security and migration, and I know there is scepticism about whether or not countries will meet the 0.7%. I share some of those concerns and it is our job to hold governments to account and to make sure the consensus is implemented in the right way. But, above all, let us remember the other paragraphs in this text which talk about youth, unemployment, getting jobs and creating a future for the young people in developing countries. We need to send that signal today, and that is why I hope colleagues will support the Consensus."@en1

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