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"The ECB is supposed to be independent, but as everybody in this room knows, it is merely a pure political vehicle for the monetary control of European countries. We could see that when Mario Draghi, the chairman of the ECB, said that he would do ‘whatever it takes’ to save the euro. Well, ‘whatever it takes’ cost millions of lives in poverty and unemployment in Greece. It was a transfer union from people in the North to try and save the South, but asked for austerity programmes even more. When we saw Cyprus depositors lose their money, and when we see the pension industry, the many young people in this audience today should be concerned that their futures are at risk because pension industries and insurance industries will not be able to pay for them in the future. He may have saved the Union for the moment, but he has left a time bomb of destruction under the European nations. It has not gone away, and I pray: do something now, before it explodes and causes all of Europe to have a problem once again."@en1

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