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"Madam President, today I have sat in the European Union Chamber here in Strasbourg, listening to the debate on the conclusions of the European Council meeting of 29 April this year. Quite frankly, the level of ignorance displayed in the comments made by MEP colleagues has been astonishing, and also frightening. But I am not surprised: as a Member of the European Union Committee on Constitutional Affairs, all I see and hear is the one perspective of pro-EU, and calls to penalise the United Kingdom. There is never any balanced or non-partisan exploration of the Brexit aspect, the contribution the UK makes financially, defence- and security-wise, or why the vote went the way it did. Now 68% of the United Kingdom want Brexit concluded, and I have every faith that after 8 June the United Kingdom Prime Minister, Theresa May, will deliver and put the United Kingdom, its citizens, its economy – and rightly so – in the forefront of this."@en1

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