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"Madam President, the European Council guidelines set out much more clearly than anything the British Government has produced what the issues are in these negotiations. We still do not know, nearly a year after the referendum, what the British Government hopes to achieve in terms of access to the single market and the Customs Union, in terms of how it intends to protect British farmers if they are no longer part of a common market with an agreed system of subsidies across Europe, or what is going to happen to British fishermen. We do not know what is going to happen to British participation in the various technical agencies – the Aviation Agency, the Medicines Agency, chemicals and so on, whose certifications are a requirement for selling in the single European market. We only have silence from the British Government, yet there are nearly a thousand issues, more than a thousand issues, that need to be settled in this negotiation. We still do not know what the British Government’s intention is. Far from providing strong and stable leadership, Ms May is actually providing desperate and deluded leadership to the British people."@en1

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