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"Mr President, ‘I will never allow the tyranny of a majority to oppress a minority’, said MEP Michael Cashman as he cut up his Visa card in this very Chamber in the lead up to the Sochi 2014 Olympics, when Putin was making anti-LGBTI laws. And three years on, we can see that we must never be complacent. The reported persecution of gay, or allegedly gay, men in Chechnya is shocking, and the international community must act resolutely to end it. Mr Putin apparently said that he would support an investigation after Angela Merkel pressed him on it. But Russian authorities still continue to dismiss reports as rumours. So the EU must increase the pressure. The human rights defender Yuri Guaiana was arrested trying to deliver a petition with two million signatures, demanding justice for LGBTI people in Chechnya. He was later released because of international pressure. All too often in this Chamber we find ourselves defending human rights defenders. Yes, the EU is a key protector of human rights in the world, and all of us, as parliamentarians and citizens, must join in support of the effort to ensure those who fight for human rights have the support they need."@en1

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