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"Mr President, tomorrow is the International Day Against Homophobia, and that is why I am wearing this rainbow here – to remind everyone who is listening, who is speaking here and who is listening to us – that this is a day where everybody should stand up, like we are doing in this Parliament, against homophobia, transphobia, against all kinds of violence against LGBTI people wherever it occurs, in Europe and on other continents. And as Soraya Post has already explained, this is a specific debate on what has been reported happening in Chechnya, in the Russian Federation, in the last couple of weeks. Arbitrary detentions, torture of hundreds of men, either really gay or perceived to be gay, and three of them at least have also been killed. They have been demanded to disclose the identity of other LGBTI people. This is a life of fear that nobody on this planet should be allowed to live, and nobody who protects the perpetrators should not be brought to justice. It is clear that we demand in this resolution – and I have to say the resolution we prepared is one of six groups in this Parliament, I really appreciate that there is broad support – we demand from the Russian Federation and the Chechnya regime to protect LGBTI people and also to speak out and say this is not against any religious traditions; this is something – being lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans or intersex – that has existed all over the planet in all times and all epochs, in all religions, in all cultures everywhere, and exists and should not be worked against. So now we also ask the External Action Service to see that the guidelines that we have are really implemented all over this planet in order to make sure that LGBTI human rights defenders are helped by the European diplomats, and lots is done in that; we already have many good reports by that. I also appreciate that the EAS is having the building illuminated on tomorrow’s International Day Against Homophobia in the rainbow flags, and this is important to show visibility and to struggle for equal rights for everybody."@de2

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