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"Mr President, the Commission paper on harnessing globalisation says that the EU must pursue a progressive trade and investment agenda which not only opens markets but enhances governance on issues like human rights, working conditions and environmental protection. Many of us have been vocal in opposing certain EU trade proposals like EPAs, ISDS and TTIP, CETA and others. However, we need to recognise that the EU is the only large international actor, which makes it a stated priority to advance on progressive social values. This is an agenda that we must defend and strengthen by emphasising, for example, the decent work agenda and the alternative trade mandate. In the meantime, my own government in the UK is desperately trying to strike up shameful trade deals and arms deals at all costs with various serial human rights violators, such as Saudi Arabia. I am very afraid that a Brexit led by Tory Britain would not be a progressive force in this world. Britain must continue to work with the EU regardless of Brexit to advance progressive social and benign globalisation for the good of all of us on this planet."@en1

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