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"Connectivity, innovation, trust and skills are the basic principles for enhancing the full potential of eGovernance in Europe. As the report puts it - digital first. I would add European-in-design - interconnectivity, interoperability, cross-border by nature - key to a true European eGovernance. EU has to make sure that the furthest villages and islands are connected to high-speed internet, developing 5G networks to be available to everyone as soon as possible. Being connected should be a right, not a privilege! Investing into resilient, trustworthy and sustainable e-solutions may seem costly at first, yet the long-term benefits in administrative, financial and communication terms will prove to be worth the initial costs. Equally investments are needed to dramatically increase the level of digital literacy and cyber hygiene. Citizens need reassurances, full transparency and accountability on how their data is treated to make full use of e-solutions. Lastly, mobile solutions need to be included from beginning in any development of eGovernance. In 2016 59% of EU citizens connected themselves to internet via mobile devices; these numbers keep growing. Mobile by design is the mainstream future."@et1

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