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"Mr President, I am glad to hear that Mr Dijsselbloem recognises that his words were inappropriate and says that they were misunderstood. But now let us focus on Greece: the Greek economy is at a turning point. The primary surplus for 2016 has reached an astonishing level – far above the target of 0.5. IMF forecasts have proved to be wrong. Notwithstanding such an impressive fiscal consolidation, economic recovery is underway. The agreement reached at the last Eurogroup on the fiscal structural measures and the contingent expansionary package has been difficult, but now it gives us the concrete hope that this top—level agreement can be reached quickly, possibly in a few days. On this basis, we expect – and urge – the next Eurogroup to conclude the second review and to address the necessary debt relief issues. It is evident, as you said, that the primary surplus of 3.5 can be sustainable only for a very limited period of time. We need a medium—term fiscal path which is economically realistic and credible and a package of medium-term debt relief measures that is consistent with such a revised path. This overall political agreement is urgent and essential, not only for allowing Greece to honour its financial commitment in good time, but is necessary to keep up the positive momentum of the economy and to allow Greece to return to bond markets and to be included in the ECB QE programme, which will be a powerful driver towards stability, confidence and growth. Greek citizens deserve this. Europe deserves this. Let us not waste this opportunity; let us not miss the deadline again. Let us honour our duty and obligation of unity and solidarity and restore credibility and hope in the European project."@it2
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