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"Mr President, I speak not only as the rapporteur for opinion on employment, but also the person who chairs Parliament’s Delegation for Relations with South Asia, which includes Bangladesh. I have been to what remains of the Rana Plaza site, met survivors, seen the work of the Accord, the Alliance and the Sustainability Compact there, argued with brands and manufacturers about compensation, and with the Government about how we actually entrench and embed high labour standards. I think that is something we need to see in general, not as a niche, and we also need to recognise the important role that price has in this downward pressure on standards. I think we need to question, in fact, the model of fast fashion that we have, and the price that workers pay for that. The supply chain accountability people have spoken of is absolutely crucial, as are empowered workers in free trade unions, able to engage in genuine and constructive social dialogue to help move us forward to something where we have this as a norm, not, as I say, as a niche. We want to see the Commission and the European Union actively engaging on the international scene and, indeed, promoting such things as the UN Guiding Principles, which are often unknown in some of the countries with which we have trade relationships."@en1

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