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"Madam President, last year some of us stood here and warned that the Commission’s EU-US Privacy Shield agreement would not protect citizens’ privacy rights; and how right we were. The so-called ‘shield’ is an insult to citizens across Europe whose privacy has been further undermined. The agreement allows the US intelligence to carry out mass surveillance and collect huge amounts of private data and bulk information indiscriminately. It allows US companies to collect data on individual citizens every time they go online, with no effective legal protection, and it is only voluntary. It only applies to companies that have signed up. The rest can run fancy free with our information. So this shambles breaches our fundamental privacy rights and it needs to be fixed. It needs to be fixed urgently with a robust, effective and enforceable system that protects the privacy rights of citizens, not the interest of spooks and big business. I would call on the Commissioner to fix it before the European Court of Justice forces you to do so for a second time."@en1

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