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"Mr President, the frequently unspoken truth about the EU budget is that it is put to very good use. It is used to support the lives of citizens across Europe. My part in this review has been to focus on the Horizon 2020 programme which funds cutting-edge scientific research and facilitates the largest research area in the world, and to focus on CEF, the Connecting Europe Facility, which develops better digital, transport and energy connections for EU citizens, the arteries of our modern world. As our world gets smaller, our challenges get larger. It is essential that we work together to find ways to protect and enhance citizens’ lives. The budget funds research into rare diseases, into cancers, into new energy sources – our future world will be shaped by this funding. It is developing space technologies, graphene and quantum computing. The great minds of our continent value this collaboration. Beyond this, the revision focuses on the responsibility we have regarding the refugee crisis. Recognising it benefits all of us to support the Member States who are doing most to fulfil our international and moral obligations and responsibilities to protect refugees and to police Europe’s borders. This revision recognises these issues. It is long overdue for us to restate the fundamental principle that we are better, stronger and more effective when we work together. That does not just apply to individual citizens; it applies to regions and it applies to countries, and the EU is the embodiment of this."@en1

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