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"Mr President, I would like to thank all of those have been involved in this committee of inquiry, including all of my colleagues from across the Chamber. I have to give special mention to my office who have been fantastic, and Mr Alex Keynes, in particular, whose work on this has been brilliant. The verdict of our report is very clear. There have been clear instances of maladministration not just in the Commission, but crucially in Member States, where the oversight and surveillance were not taking place as they should have been. There have been aspects of widespread fraud throughout the industry that we have uncovered. I am very grateful to the Commissioner for her words today because I think that, although we have to see what actions will follow, the commitment that she has shown here today is very welcome indeed, particularly when you consider the starting point that we had in this committee of inquiry, not just the challenges we had to set it up, but also the insistence at many levels that nothing had gone wrong. But we cannot waste this unique opportunity now to ensure that we never have another repeat of a scandal like Dieselgate. We have to remember that this Parliament is voting not just on a piece of dry legislation, not just on another report that goes through the normal machinations. This is our response to that crisis, that crisis of confidence in our vehicle industry, yes, but a crisis in public health. That is why it is not enough to say that we cannot have the tools at our disposal to sort this out. We need that agency. We need that independent level of operation to have vehicle surveillance across the European Union. And please, when it comes to compensation, let us not talk immediately about companies going out of business, as if we could put those roadblocks up at the very start. This is a basic principle at play here. Consumers in the US have been compensated; consumers in the European Union have not. That is an issue of basic justice, and what are we for in this place, if not to stand up for consumers? Please support the amendments on consumer rights."@en1

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