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"Madam President, this is the second time that the British beef consumers have been let down by the EU. In the first instance our consumers were conned into eating horsemeat when they thought they were eating beef. They were obliged to rely on the EU hack-up process of traceability which is only as good as the least honest person in the food chain. Now we discover that relying on the Commission to monitor the conduct of the Brazilian meat industry is a very naive aspiration. The Commission did not have a clue what was going on as grossly substandard meat arrived on EU shores from Brazil. This is particularly worrying as the Commission had ambitions for yet more Brazilian beef imports in its Mercosur negotiations. British beef producers are subject to RPA inspections, assurance scheme inspections and the scrutiny of animal rights organisations, whilst the cost of meat processing is higher than it need be due to the EU’s insistence on expensive veterinary surgeons to attend abattoirs when the experienced reliable British meat inspector had done an excellent job. Brexit gives us the opportunity to address these problems."@en1

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