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"The European Solidarity Corps (ESC) is a welcome and timely initiative. It is not only designed to complement and build synergies with other youth engagement and employment programmes. First of all, we have to catch the special nature of this programme as important promoter of European spirit, solidarity and citizenship. The future legal EU framework should prevent ESC becoming a mere substitute to creating jobs, or a sort of auxiliary to the European Voluntary Service. ESC should perform the role of a European civic service, engaged in public, private and NGO sector. Before launching the ESC on the large scale, the Commission has to come forward with a clear legal basis, also taking into account the views of youth organisations, networks and voluntary organisations. We have to ensure that young people who sign up to ESC will know about their rights and obligations, that their certificates would be globally recognised across Europe. The ESC’s goal should be to reach out, as much is possible, to all young people, targeting especially vulnerable young people. In parallel, we must do our utmost to prevent both unnecessary bureaucracy as well as obstacles presented by national boundaries. I encourage the Commission to come forward with solid legislative proposal, including a solution for sustainable funding."@et1

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