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"Madam President, the gender pay gap is the difference between what women and men earn on average per hour before tax. In general, women are not paid less than men for the same work, because that is illegal under EU law. Nonetheless, the gender pay gap is real, even when you factor in the difference in hours worked between men and women. That gap is especially wide in low paid jobs. A recent study in Ireland showed that in 2015 we had a 14.8% difference in median pay between women and men. Crucially, that gap has widened by 80% since 2012, when it stood at 8.3%. This impacts throughout women’s lives with knock-on negative effects on their pensions. The causes of the gender pay gap are complex. We have identified them and now we need to address them. An overarching way of doing this is to strengthen the gender mainstreaming approach throughout the entire lifecycle and to ensure work-life balance."@en1

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