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"Mr President, continuing my comments on the investor—state dispute courts, I want to say that we don’t have special courts to enforce workers’ rights, and we don’t have special courts to enforce citizens’ rights, yet this deal gives us special courts to enforce the rights of investors when they take on national governments. It’s also worth saying that these courts are not answerable to any national court – not even to the European Court of Justice. And I don’t believe European citizens support the inclusion of these outdated, unnecessary and – in my view – undemocratic regimes in any trade deal. I have other significant issues with CETA. What about negative listing, where we in Ireland have one of the shortest lists when it comes to extra sectors to be excluded from liberalisation. I wonder how many of our politicians were involved in drawing up our short, miserable list of just three extra exceptions. And from an Irish perspective, the amount of beef with tariff—free access to the EU market will be very significant, and would pose significant challenges to our suckler herd. Add to that the impact of a hard Brexit with 63 million fewer consumers for tariff—free beef, and this has the potential to undermine the entire sector."@en1

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