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"Mr President, voting ‘no’ to CETA was a most difficult vote for me. I come from a small open economy, and I am in favour of free trade. Certainly in Ireland we need to trade in order to survive and thrive economically. I listened to the debate this morning and I heard people say, what about the geopolitical situation? The EU, of which I am a full supporter, is under attack from both inside and outside, and if we cannot do a deal with those decent Canadians, who can we do a deal with? Well, all of those arguments are valid, but you cannot vote on a very detailed trade deal on your gut feelings only. You must vote on the essential elements that are in the deal. There are many elements I could comment on, but in my limited time I will mention just one, and that is the inclusion of investor courts in this deal. In one of his first addresses to this Parliament, President Juncker said: ‘My Commission will not accept that the jurisdiction of courts in the EU Member States be limited by special regimes for investor-to-state disputes’. Yet that is precisely what we have in this agreement. And just as President Junker would not accept it, neither can I."@en1

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