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"Madam President, last week the Irish Prime Minister met the Polish Prime Minister and on the agenda was the push by Ireland for special status in the Brexit negotiations. The Polish Prime Minister was non-committal and said it was one of many questions that needed to be addressed, and yes, it is – but it is a very crucial question. Ireland does not look for special status because we are Ireland, but because there are special circumstances, very special circumstances. Our exports to the UK are about 17% of our total exports, much higher than any other Member State, and 41% of those exports are in the agri-food sector, leaving it open to catastrophic impacts in the event of a hard Brexit. Our land border stretches 499 kilometres from west to east. We have strong cultural, social, economic ties with Northern Ireland, and our peace process is underpinned by cross-border cooperation in all sectors. A hard border would bring about huge dislocation in all these areas. Our job as MEPs is to ensure this reality is heard and taken on board by our partners."@en1

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