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"Mr President, first I would like to congratulate the rapporteurs on this file for the good and cooperative work they have done. This is a report on a crucial subject at a crucial moment. The old consensus is about to expire and the European Union is facing a redefinition of its policies on development. This is happening while the European Union is addressing all the challenges caused by migration flows and while the European Union is under pressure. Development policy is about development. This might sound strange, but we have to repeat this concept, now more than ever. We have to repeat that development funds have to be used exclusively for development causes. We have to repeat that ODA cannot be used to finance security expenses, border control or military support. Of course terrorism must be fought in the most effective way, and of course borders have to be controlled, but not by diverting the funds devoted to development. Otherwise, poverty will never be eradicated, development will never be assured, and the root causes of migration and terrorism will never be tackled. It will be important to repeat this in the strongest and clearest manner during the structured dialogue involving Parliament, the Commission and the Council. This has already started and will bring us very soon to the approval of the new consensus on development."@it2

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